Only a few years ago such quality and altitude of aerial photo and video were available only from helicopters – which was overly expensive, long, and ineffective in addition to many prohibitions of official bodies and constraints of terrain. Today, aerial video is made for several minutes using drones that have an amazing range of flight in length and altitude – due to impressive battery charge. And it has only a tiny fraction of cost that chopper video shooting devoured, which makes all aerial shooting projects to maintain reasonable budgets – sometimes, even smaller than on-land shooting!

Compared to the first drones, which could not provide high-quality video or pictures because they could not keep smooth flight and turns, today, the perfection of drone videography is as impressive as one might receive using only professional equipment.

Our professional aerial photoshoot company has an industrial park of drones that are equipped with 4K and Ultra HD (8K) cameras. We also make editing and post-production of received videos and pictures to provide the best possible quality, apply the correct light balance so to receive an impressive video, which can serve a commercial tool – exactly as you need it.

Using a drone today, you can take aerial photos and videos for a number of purposes:

  • surveying industrial, commercial, and public utility objects, roofs of buildings, and their state – without the need to employ high-altitude workers (a drone can take pictures fast and deliver them to you with exact GPS coordinates)
  • shoot breathtaking panoramas, utilizing the ability of a drone to shoot in front, down, and up from its position. You could see landscapes, forests, waterfalls, rivers, and even tops of the highest buildings without large efforts
  • making reconnaissance services for construction or reconstruction purposes, including the easy definition of land site, its flatness, and imperfections, if any
  • make drone photography to show your objects for sale or lease in their grandeur – to your customers, investors, regulatory bodies, or other parties. One piece of quality video is able to replace hundreds of words, schemes, and hours of wasted time.

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