Dozens of companies in the UAE daily arrange events, open new stores and branches, participate in exhibitions and advertising campaigns. The best way to tell about this to your existing and potential customers is a corporate video.

What is included in the concept of Corporate Video? This can be a promotional film about your product, service, or about the company itself; as well about the event in which your organization participates.

Seeing is believing. Now days, instead of having to shovel mountains of textual information, the consumer prefers to see a short and intense video to quickly get an idea about your company and your product. That is why the popularity of video marketing is growing so fast.

What is the advantage of using the promotional corporate video? First, the lack of non-working hours. At any time, from anywhere in the world your potential client can go to your website or page in the social media and see there bright, colorful film about you and your services. Second, seen information is much more trustful than read or heard. Surely, you know that the personal meeting is often more effective than the correspondence or telecom. Here is the same: you openly show your product to the buyer and he begins to trust you more. That’s why promo video is much more efficient sales tool than plain text.

What kind of business can use corporate video?

Well, almost any kind.

You have a hotel or restaurant? Perfect! Show Internet users your property from inside and outside, its diverse facilities and high standards of service, let your friendly staff smile on camera to your future guest.

You run a tourism business? Awesome! Show your tourists thrilling desert safari, the stunning view from Burj Khalifa and cruising in The Arabian Gulf, let their imagination bring them here before the aircraft will do that, let them wish to come here!

Regardless of whether you are an individual entrepreneur or general manager of a large company, in your corporate video, you can clearly show the customer all the benefits of dealing with you.

Using video marketing in your business will help you to build a trustful relationships with your potential clients and as a result to increase your revenue.


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