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Most clients make decisions with their hearts. Video & photography are called to open those hearts, making a client truly believe he wants to buy your product or service. We know how to make engaging videos and pictures, which strive directly to the client’s heart through eyes and attention. If the effective result matters to you, you should address to us.

Your hotel, restaurant, company, exhibition center, or any other type of business is what we focus on and perfectly know how to define your target audience thanks to a 9-year experience in UAE. We offer a dedicated team consisting of professionals in photo & video production services:

  • video operators
  • photographers
  • editors
  • animators.

In order to maintain successful work, our video marketing company defines 4 stages of projects with each of our clients:

  1. Generate or study an idea and define objectives, budget, scope, and targets.
  2. Get a clear understanding of client’s needs and wants.
  3. Prepare for making video production or photoshoot, elaborate story, message, and select techniques.
  4. Make a film or picture set, edit, cut, agree, and approve with a client. 

As a result, you will always have a fine product, which can be highly tailored to your needs. There is only one objective left in the end: measure the result. 

The list of services provided by our video production company fully covers the needs of corporate business clients of all sizes. We are ready to take part in any stage of production with you, as well as to do the entire run, from start to finish. 

Our media production company has the ultimate level of expertise in making videos to promote your restaurant, cafe, hotel, merchandise, service, story, idea, campaign, or summit. While undertaking all required seriousness in making a corporate video, we mix it with creative vision and unique techniques to achieve the result in a company video, which will impress your client, customer, partner, audience, or suit any other target. 

To find out more, contact with our production company.


Modern serious people like you require the same approach, which translates into a vast list of services. We cover all needs on a corporate and institutional level with our services:

Video production

From idea to post-production: - the entire range of works is done by our highly professional videographers and editors with successful years of experience behind.

Promo videos

We will make your promotional video lively and brisk, to entertain and attract. Our professional videographers and editors will help your sales to boost rocket high.

Corporate videos

A corporate video is an absolute must in our ever-changing world. For many corporate events, a commercial video is the best way to communicate with your target audience.

Animation videos

Animated video production is the surest option to engage, thrill, and entertain your viewers. Using 2D and 3D graphics, we create non-boring and striking videos.

Hospitality video

Our professional team will represent how your hotels’ and restaurants’ interior, exterior, and accommodations look like – in a fresh and brisk hotel promo video

Photo and video event coverage

Our event photographers are specialists in covering all types of events: corporate, public, personal, and institutional.

Food photography & videography

To make astounding pictures of food and beverages, we offer our highly professional food photographers and videographers.

Photography services

This is an ideal tool for lifestyle and travel bloggers, loud openings, one-of-a-kind events, and other exciting and striking things that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Having experienced people in our team (some work more than 15 years in UAE), our professional videographers perfectly understand the market, as we are a UAE-based company. Would your needs span from presenting your tasty food with an innovative look to highlighting your sports support efforts, important for your company’s image, we’re here to cover your story in a stunning yet official yet bright video or photo set. Or would your activity embrace new technology, just created knowledge, training, or insanely effective timelapse of the construction of another mega object here in UAE or abroad, we’re again here with photography and videography to cover you with a flamboyant presentation that will hit straight to the hearts and minds of your investors and clients.

We’re not saying we are best in what we do – but 99% of clients with whom we work tell we are, with whopping 85% rate of returns to give another assignment to our professional photographers or videographers. Isn’t it the best advertising speaking for itself?

So if your goal is to be effectively and professionally covered to get loud, spotted, sound, and sold – addressing our company is the best possible choice in the UAE.


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