A corporate video is an absolute must in our ever-changing world. Before, after, or in the midst of quarantine, people still buy foods, clothes, and services, they drink beverages, watch TV, and use the Internet – and this is where our professionalism applies.

We can make a corporate video to highlight your:

  • company
  • products or services
  • social responsibility and actions
  • exhibition(s) and other types of messages.

Also, a company video is a way you teach users to use your service, product, or software, as it is a great way for new employees who have just recently joined your company to tell them about it, representing it from an angle that you desire.

When it comes to product video, here you could highlight your merch’s pros, looks, possibilities, and ways to use it the best. This is especially applicable to complex new products, to which we can attribute software products. Such pieces of product demo video can effectively replace a long manual, which is always overabundant with pictures and words that are hard to comprehend. 

Another type is a video interview – an excellent way to build a story around your employees, from top managers to people taking initial positions of your company’s hierarchy. They can tell about interesting aspects of their work and this, as a rule, is combined with a demonstration of their work results – which can be of interest to your consumers, clients, and guests. 

A commercial video is an advertisement for your business and any of its aspects. You can also show the process of product or service production – which can be much more engaging for your audience than simply representing the ready-made final product even if it is super entangling. For instance, the production of chocolate or of a sophisticated dish in your kitchen. And if such video is looped on the TV screens inside your facility (this mostly works for restaurants), this will make your customers that are in, to buy more. 

Exhibition video is a fabulous way to attract attention to your educational, recreational, or art program, gallery, theater, amusement park, or exhibition. Combining still and moving videography, people & impressions, it is possible to promptly create a unique short film representing all the named in a new, approachable, and interesting manner. We have done hundreds of such videos, and we must tell that amongst all other types of video works, exhibition videos are the closest to a piece of art. 

We are here to handle each type of video you need and to cover every stage of its production, from an idea and prop selection to light, shooting, and editing + CGI. We are here to make effective videos, to which people applause in the end. 

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