Did an event even happen if it was not covered by pictures or videos? We are here to bring this doubt down and to get you covered with quality pictures and videos for events of all kinds, sizes, and locations.

We are specializing in event photo and video coverage offering you the range of exhibition photographers and videographers, who know exactly how to recreate the atmosphere of your event in their shots. We have been already involved in hundreds of such projects, perpetuating exhibitions, corporate events, parties, grand openings, sports events, concerts, and akin.

Doing our work, we focus on the size and nature of every event, picking the number of exhibition videography or photography operators, cameras, lenses, right angles, and light (including artificial LED light to highlight special moments). This makes it possible to smoothly adjust to indoor and outdoor shooting in various weather conditions. 

Here is the list of advantages that you find only with our professional agency:

  1. We are ready for extras, including unexpected ones, that’s why we always have spare memory cards (as no one wants to run out of memory in the middle of fun), as well as extra batteries. 
  2. Managing your expectations, fully getting into the spirit of an event, and changing locations of shooting to make sure not to miss anything.
  3. We prepare a shot list – a checklist of key photos that need to be taken during an event to make it covered both officially and informally, to improve the overall organization of an event.
  4. We are watching for candid opportunities to highlight something of importance yet fun to represent an event from multiple sides.
  5. Pre-event shooting is important, and we know that!
  6. We arrive early to study the location and pick the right angles. 

This list differentiates us from amateurs. 

Do you want our exhibition photographers and videographers with professional equipment to make any event memorable and bright? Then contact us today to get a quote and discover the options. 

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