Numerous studies show people love with eyes. They would rather pick tasty & colorful food or drink that they see in a picture that probably even more delicious thing that is grayer and paler, even if it is on their plate right now.

 A lot of factors contribute to it, though: like hunger, the desire of something specific that they see in some particularly beautiful picture, if they are eating right now and if yes, how tasty it is. 

In other words, with the right food videography, you can make your clients salivate thinking about how they would eat a tasty piece of what is advertised. If your food promo will be shown on a TV and a person sees it, he or she may eat it if that is available in the fridge. If not, they would think about visiting your restaurant, cafe, or bar. 

Think, how often did you catch yourself on a thought that you would eat this tasty Big Mac right now? Or a dish of pasta with cheese and shrimps (that you happen to see on a TV or a big board)? That is exactly how restaurant promo video works and every food industry specialist completely understands that a savory visual picture attracts new customers more than anything.

Now the thing today is only to find a really professional video making studio that would make so tasty advertising that clients would not sustain visiting your place. Luckily, you are reading this now – and that means, you have found such a studio: us. 

What we can offer you:

  • amazingly skilled food stylists, who will turn every millimeter of your food’s picture to something must-die-for-to-eat
  • perfection in every pixel of video or picture
  • profitable light, consistency, and color that will make the desire to smell and savor this food the eyes see
  • turning food regularity into fancifulness.

Not only food deserves such a bright promo, though. Cocktail bar promotional video is also a frequently sought-for service of our clients. Food bloggers and magazines order from us recipe videography for their online and printed materials to engage people to use their recipes. 

If you want a savory submission of your food, drink, or recipe – you know what we are capable of!

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