By representing your hotel, restaurant, or amusement facility in a video promo, you make your visitors become familiar with it before they physically visit it. This is highly important when they make a decision to book a room or table at your place. Hotels and restaurants that offer this service will always win those that do not or only use pictures and words of their interiors and foods.

Judging by pictures, even the most high-quality ones, it is not always possible to make a full impression, not mentioning the impossibility to tell your story, build a unique image or to reveal any inner activities in an elegant and refined manner.

Our hospitality videos are far from simple walk-through: they allow your clients, business partners, future investors, and even employees to have a deep insight of your corporate culture, make in their heads a visually rich picture, and to be engaged to take actions that you expect from them. 

That is what our universally acclaimed clients such as Radisson Hotel Group and Rixos have already experienced by working with us. We have also been working with Accor and Amadeus companies for a number of times to promote their direct clients, some of them representing the world’s most known hotel and accommodation networks: Palazzo Versace Dubai, The Regency Kuwait, and Paramount Hotel Dubai amongst the others.

Making a hospitality video, you build and strengthen your brand, make color-rich savory interior videography, complementing it with delicious food videography. You can use your hotel promo video in a variety of occasions:

  1. Placing on the website to directly represent how your hotels’ and restaurants’ interior, exterior, and accommodations look like – in a fresh and brisk hotel video
  2. Advertising on social media, YouTube, and a number of online platforms to build a sustainable picture of your brand
  3. To let your consumers and investors know about the rebranding or broadening of your network
  4. During the sales calls and video presentations of your objects to make them be shown in a profitable light to investors, buyers, development companies, banks, or any other involved parties.
  5. A corporate video is an amazing and easy way to show to your employees what’s your company’s goals, vision, and values, as well as to demonstrate annual results or to make people informed about big changes.
  6. When you are planning to expand, a real estate video that highlights all advantages and nuances of the future object(s) is a comprehensible and visually rich means of telling important information to new and existing investors and beneficiaries.

We are here to make your hotel, restaurant, and any other object of hospitality area to look in a profitable light – just as you want it. Address us for a brisk and involving video!

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