Food videography

Video is the best possible method to advertise food: yummy, delicious, salivating, mouth-watering, tasty, enjoyable… 🤤 All these epithets will be applied by your viewers and future clients to the food you’re showing through the #foodvideography.

And our company is one of the best in the country, which has a lot to offer in this area:
🔸 know how
🔸 self-driven team
🔸 modern equipment
🔸 and extensive experience of many of previously made #videography materials.

Through a short ad video lasting about 30-60 seconds, you can highlight the interior and exterior of your #restaurant, cafe, bar, coffee shop, or any other #foodselling place. It’s also a marvelous way to give full insight into the menu’s drinks and food, as well as the level of service.
The core of the appealing side of food videography is that not only the ready-made dishes are #demonstrated but also the process of their preparation, which is even more advantageous for people, as they immediately start taste and smell them in their thoughts. Such a video ad is the direct tool to increase the number of visits to your place, as well as the average check = the direct indices of the profitability of your restaurant!
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This short #promovideo has been done in the Lebanese restaurant #AbdElWahabuae, located in #DubaiMarina.