There are people who are natural in front of the #camera (like Robert Downey Jr.) because they are natural-born actors and love to bathe in waves of adoration.
And there are people who shy, red and nervous in front of the camera. Rather for the second than for the first, we formulate a list of tips on how to behave in this situation (let’s presume, someone’s taking an #interview from you) 
🔳 Make sure you’re applying proper makeup to free your face from greasy shine, sweating and redness. At least, take a napkin.
🔲 This entire shooting is not streamed online, so you CAN make mistakes. However, try to relax, make yourself comfortable, and speak confidently. Remember that the video WILL be edited afterward.
🔳 Don’t distract attention from your face with your clothes, it should actually be vice versa. And don’t put on something bedazzling (avoid screaming colors like red) if you’re not only Ace Ventura.
🔲 Separate each sentence or phrase with an intonation so #editors then cut and glue different parts of your speech in the order they need without cutting you in the middle of speaking.
🔳 Don’t look at the #cameraman. And when you’re finished talking, make it a few seconds of silence before asking an #operator how good were you.
🔲 Try to stand still, as any moves made by your limbs or body are a negative thing during #editing.