Sometimes funny stories happen during the video shooting.
While we were working on Seychelles shooting Eden Bleu hotel, the model who came for the first day of video shooting, suddenly had got her plans changed. So, she could not manage to come for the second day and we have got another model. That’s why part of the scenes were done with one lady and the other part – with the other one. In the movie it looks like the couple of honeymooners came to the hotel, they checked in together, had a breakfast together, spent time on the yacht together… But! Instead of being “happily ever after” at the end of this lovely day the man found a new love, and we could see him having dinner with the smiling blondie
Also during the shooting the hotel Eden Bleu received the confirmation for the event: Porsche Company decided to open a brunch on Seychelles; and they have chosen Eden Bleu as the place to present their cars to the public.
Here is the photo from this event.