How good light important for #video and #photo shooting

🔳 What differentiates amateur video/photo capturing from #professional? Some say skills, camera, angles, or post-refinement. But we also add: #light! Without good light, it is impossible to capture many things – a person on a bright background, for example.

🔲 That’s why we use Godox VL300 light – one of the most #professional on the market:
🔸 LED light gives the day-like #illumination in 5600 K color temp
🔸 300 Watts of power is enough to create 3-30 feet working area
🔸 Change the degree of illumination from 0% to 100% through remote control, wirelessly connecting from your phone’s downloadable app
🔸 The entire set (light + controller + adapter) weights 5.04 kg (much lesser than most of other professional #equipment)
🔸 Works from 220-outlet or – which is more real for #operators – from a V-mount Li-ion battery
🔸 Combinable with Bowens’ bayonets for attaching soft light indispensable in a professional model #photoshoot
🔸 U-turn bracket turns at around 240° on its fastening to provide the exact angle U need
🔸 Works on an easily mountable tripod and cools with soundless vent.

🔳 We love the quality this effective light provides and that’s why all our #pictures and #videos are so brightly juicy!