Our planet can be as cold as -89° C and as hot as +56.7° C, which makes a whopping 145.7° C gap! (According to officially registered high and low temps on the planet).
Such gaps can make it impossible to work – for people, for equipment… And although here in UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia (countries that we work in when shooting video and photos), the temperature jumps are not as devastating, still, in summer, it is HOT, to put it mildly.
There are cases when the equipment simply won’t work because of the high temp. We had it once when our camera didn’t want to work outdoors during the shooting of the work of grill in a Palazzo Versace hotel until we’ve covered it with an umbrella!
And there are many situations when we work indoors and then exit outdoors from a ventilated air to the heat of ‘furnace’ of sand and stone under sun rays (or when we enter inside with the same temp jump). This happens because most hotels would rather shoot their promo videos in the off-season, in the heated summer, because of the low workload with tourists. So do we!
We’ve learned the tricks of working with sharp temp jumps and how to handle our equipment and people in such conditions – because we are professionals. One of the tricks is to let equipment get used to the change for 10-15 minutes so the lenses not fog.
And that’s why we can offer you to have fruitful work with us – even in the hottest summer.