We are here to film. Obviously, you are here to find the best in filming. Your goal and our capabilities match. 

We are a dedicated film making company in UAE that does video production for various projects: TV shows, Commercials, Animated videos, Corporate videos, Event videos, Product overviews, Promotional video, Know-how and educational.

Our company can provide you the team for projects of any scale, suiting your financial, time-constrained, and creative goals. Our media production company is ready to be engaged in projects of various timelines, from several hours to years, to deliver you a visually entangling video product that will match your vision completely. 

We can be a part of any stage of the process, from an idea, logistics, and planning during the pre-production, to capturing fabulous shots in the production stage using an impressive technical arsenal of cameras, lenses, and filming approaches, to applying CGI graphics, professional sound editing, and creating a product of the highest quality and impression that you’re striving to in the post-production stage.

Every project is designed and tuned to the needs of our clients until they are completely satisfied. 

The span of our knowledge and applied experience is wide, from hospitality videos to event videography, from training & communication clips to whip pan, and from children animation for the sake of entertainment to 2D/3D professional panoramas and extra detailed promos to sell real estate worth hundreds of millions. 

For the effective pre-production, we have project managers and organizers, who make sure all preparatory work goes well: script, set, props, delivery, catering, costumes… Everything that is needed for a project, is created, set, and delivered by us on time, including all the paperwork. In the filming stage, we apply a wide range of technical equipment: flying cameras installed on drones, tripods, 3-axis stabilized hand-held cameras, Steadicam, jibs, and cranes. For the post-production stage, we use the most modern powerful equipment and software, which are used by Hollywood studios to make their movies and motion pictures. 

As for our international experience, we have done projects in Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. That not only adds to our brisk portfolio and expertise but also gives us the ability to find beautiful shooting locations abroad if they aren’t found here in UAE, as well as attracting international specialists or manpower to complete this or that project.

We strive to make your project adorable, and we are one of a small number of local film companies in Dubai who are able to do it.

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